The Journey to the Bow of the Boat

Bryan and I recently had the pleasure of sailing the San Diego Bay on a beautiful November day. The sky was blue, the weather was crisp, and the sun was shining on us. We were with a group of friends, enjoying the surroundings and chatting together. Little did I know, however, that part of this experience would be symbolic of my life at the moment.

I spent most of the yachting adventure sitting on the top deck looking out at the bay from the seats. This was great, but there was another view of the harbor that I was missing: from the bow, or front of the boat.

The rest of the brave passengers made their way to the bow where they sat in the open enjoying the ocean and air surrounding them. I was hesitant, mainly scared of walking on a VERY thin rail on the side of the boat to that desired spot.

You see, I have fears of the unknown and things I cannot control. For example, I’m very afraid of heights. And while gently tip-toeing around the boat was not up there with heights, it was pretty scary for me to trust that I could shimmy against the boat and wouldn’t fall into the San Diego Bay.

The boat owner urged me to give it a try, assuring me that I’d love sitting on the bow. The sailing is actually smoother on the bow, rather than the inside, she said. So with her – and Bryan’s – encouragement, I decided to give it a try. Sheri (the owner) was so nice, taking my hand and leading me from the safe part of the boat’s bow. Bryan was right behind me as well. I was scared and was hoping/praying my hands and feet wouldn’t fail me. And then … I made it!

It was amazing! Sitting on the bow of the yacht was truly inspiring. I could smell the clean, fresh air and sea, and feel the water gently splash upon me. The view of San Diego and my surroundings was even more gorgeous than when I was inside.

I feel this frightening journey from the “safe” part of the boat to the bow was a metaphor for what I’m going through now. I’ve been struggling a lot lately with various things in my life. It was as if that bumpy walk to the front of the boat gave me the confidence I needed to keep pressing on with things in my life. Just like sitting in the front of the boat, once I make it to the other side of the struggles, my life will feel smoother. It’s amazing how life will give you a physical challenge that mimics an internal struggle. For that, I’m grateful and ready to move to my own personal bows.

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