The Joy of Pine Cones

It was one of those beautiful San Diego fall/winter days, where the sun was shining brightly and the air was crisp, cool, and the wind blowing overhead. Sophie and I decided to enjoy the day by going on a hunt for pine cones. There are several towering pine trees lining our streets that lead to the neighborhood park. Armed with a large basket and camera, Sophie and I took off of find pine cones and have some fun enjoying nature.

While on our quest for cones, we found a big pile of crunchy fall leaves. Naturally, you can’t pass up a leaf-stomping opportunity.

Then we got down to the serious business of finding pine cones.

I loved this cute baby tree trying to emerge from the ground.

I suppose you’re wondering what we did with all these pine cones? I saw this neat idea on Pinterest for using pine cones as easy home decor. So with our collection of cones and holiday ribbon, Sophie and I began stringing pine cones.

Sophie took this picture of me. I cropped it slightly, but I really like her creative use of the camera.

Here are the pine cones with pretty ribbons attached.

We hung them on our front door. I tied them in different lengths to a plastic hanger. Then attached the hanger to the already-existing nail on the door.

Not bad for a Sunday adventure in pine cone hunting and DIY home decor!

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