The Popular Girl

When I was in kindergarten, there was a girl in my class that everyone loved. Audrey, was her name. She was nice, cute and friendly to all. Everyday people asked her to come over to their house for a playdate. I guess it got to be too much for Audrey because she started showing up at school with a big sign attached to her backpack that said, “Sorry, I can’t go to your house today. I’m going to “So-and-So’s” house to play.”

I loved Audrey and recall feeling heartbroken when my name did not appear on her backpack. In fact, the day she did have a playmate with me, I felt as if I won the grand prize. My name was on Audrey’s backpack. Everyone in that kindergarten class would know she chose to play with me. It was enough to make your kindergarten day, maybe even year.

As much as I was thrilled to be on Audrey’s backpack, I never quite understood why her mother attached that note every day. That is, until Sophie went to preschool.

As you have no doubt come to realize from reading this blog, Sophie has a unique personality. She’s funny, quirky, a natural leader (translation: sometimes bossy), and quite imaginative. I have been told she often leads the kids in play at school, and some classmates are at a loss if Sophie is absent.

I say this not to toot Sophie’s horn (or mine — I was NEVER that kid). I’m only trying to show that like Audrey, Sophie is kinda popular among the 3-4-year-old crowd.

Sophie’s appeal has become more evident lately because of the never-ending playmate references I hear from the other kids. I picked her up from school recently and found myself surrounded by a gaggle of girls asking (pleading) to come to Sophie’s house for a playdate. One little kid started asking for directions to our house. I stopped myself from giving out the address because I was pretty sure this kid was about to hail a cab after school and show up on my doorstep.

I have also been told one kid’s mother is allergic to cats (which we have two). Sophie told me that since the kid can’t drive to our house, I’d be giving her a ride and her mother can meet us later.

All this is to say that I now understand why Audrey’s mother put that sign on her backpack. I also understand that I have my own Audrey, in the form of Sophie. Needless to say, it makes me happy to think I could tape a sign to Sophie’s backpack that says, “Sophie’s playing with mommy today.”

The joy of reliving my kindergarten years!

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