The Sacrifices We Make for Our Children

I was recently talking to Bryan about how life changes after having children. Not in the ways you’d expect really. But in the way we suddenly start making sacrifices for our children we never expected to make before.

I’m not talking about major sacrifices like quitting my job (Although lately, I’d hardly consider that a sacrifice). I’m talking about steering the hugely obnoxious shopping cart with the mini car on the front so Sophie can have the steering it through Vons. Do you know how many times I’ve cursed those contraptions as they’ve swerved to hit me in the grocery stores? Many, many times. Before Sophie, I always swore my kid would never ride in that monstrosity and I would not be one of those moms to take up entire aisles with the cart. But here I am now, steering that thing around Vons in my own bliss and for Sophie’s happiness.

Even tonight, I found myself engaging in the art of sacrificing food for my child. Bryan, Sophie and I are enjoying our Pioneer Woman-inspired dinner when Sophie announced she wanted more chicken. I only cooked enough for the three of us, so there chicken seconds were not available tonight. But what did I do? Without even thinking, I gave her mine. Heck, I don’t even give my food to Bryan if we’re running low. But here I was, not even giving it a second thought. Just forked up a piece and put it on her plate.

I remember many years ago going out to dinner with my brother and sister-in-law and my young nephews. One of my nephews wanted some of sister-in-laws appetizer shrimp. Since it was an appetizer, I think she only had three measly pieces. But she gave him that shrimp without a second thought. I remember thinking to myself, There’s no way I’d share my coveted shrimp with my kid! And yet, here I am; years later, happily sacrificing my dinner for Sophie. How times change!

The other thing I swore I’d never give up pre-Sophie was my precious Academy Awards. Oh, I was a fanatic. I had to watch those awards live on television with my ballot and cocktail in hand. Heaven forbid if Bryan tried to switch the channel! This was a yearly ritual for me that I looked forward to during the entire year.

But I remember the first or second Oscar awards after Sophie came along. When she wanted to watch Sesame Street, I caved! I simply set the DVR and happily went about my way. And this year, I didn’t even watch the show! (Maybe because we had no time or money to see any movies; but that’s another post all-together.)

The point is that parenthood changes you and makes you do things you swore you’d never do before having kids. The change is probably for the better; it makes you become a less selfish person. Although one thing I am certain of is that I don’t plan to be driving a minivan anytime soon!

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