The Seven Links Challenge

I like the idea of the Seven Links Challenge because it allowed me to go back and re-read my entire blog to find the seven posts. And I like that I can highlight older posts that many of you readers have not seen.  The Seven Links Challenge certainly had its moments, mainly because it was so tough deciding which post to include in the categories. I may have cheated a bit and listed more than one blog post for a few categories.

1. Most Beautiful Post: This one’s a toss-up between The Great Pumpkin Patch and Deck the Halls.

2. Most Popular Post: Would have to be Chanukah Latkes – Yum Yum Yum. This post was Freshly Pressed and got the highest number of hits of all my posts.

3. Most Controversial: I don’t have a post that received any negative comments. Therefore I’ll share with you the two posts I expected to receive hate mail after they were published: Why I’m Anti Antibacterial Gel and The Elf on the Shelf Scares Me. My feelings have not changed  on either of these subjects.

4. Most Helpful: I received so many positive comments, e-mails and notes about My “A Ha” Moments. This one really resonated with readers.

5. Most Surprisingly Successful: I am surprised at how many hits Make Your Own Pizza – It’s Easy still receives. Apparently many people want to make homemade pizza dough. I made this for dinner last night, by the way.

6. Post That Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved: I really thought Getting Bigger? – which visually illustrates how the childhood obesity epidemic is affecting toys — was pretty good!

7. Post I Am Most Proud Of:  Stopping to Smell the Pine Needles – This one still touches my heart when I read it.

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