The Summer Bucket List 2018

We were a bit late getting our summer bucket list written this year. But it’s now hanging in our kitchen, and posting it today coincides nicely with it being the first day of summer.

We’ve been making a summer list since Sophie was 2-years-old and it’s one of my favorite traditions. But I wasn’t sure she’d be into doing it this year. She’s 10 (will be 11 in November), and her interests center more around spending time with friends, watching YouTube, and playing online games while FaceTiming friends. So I was pretty happy when she was the one who reminded me we need to keep up this annual tradition. And what was really neat is Sophie took charge and created all the items and wrote/decorated the entire poster herself.

Sophie has a pretty jam-packed summer with different camps and classes. But the Summer List gives us fun things to do on the days and weekends that aren’t planned.

Here’s what’s in store for this year:

If you’re looking for some Summer List inspiration, here’s what we’ve done in the past:

Do you make a summer bucket list? What are your summer plans?

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