Thumbtacks vs. Nails (Or Marriage and Home Décor)

Everyone has heard the expression, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that this same sentiment can be said about Bryan (my husband) and my approach to home improvement projects. But with us, it’s more about thumbtacks versus nails.

Let me start with my approach. I’m a simple gal when it comes to decorating. Meaning, I love to adorn my walls with art and photography, but when I want something hung, I want it done right away. So as I’ve covered my walls over the years, I’ve come to use the easiest things I can get my hands on – thumbtacks and the occasional double-sided foam tape. And I don’t measure; I eye-ball. I’m pretty good with my estimates, although I have been known to leave several pin holes as evidence of my work.

Bryan, on the other hand, is not like this at all. Bryan’s approach is to take the time and do it right. This is really the preferable method; but it doesn’t always jive with my, “Do it now” mentality. Bryan gets out the level, tape measure, pencil, electric screwdriver, a variety of nails and drywall screws. Bryan takes great patience and precision when mounting anything on a wall.

So you can imagine that Bryan cringes anytime he sees a newly-framed photo hanging by a thumbtack. He will gladly hang all my artwork within minutes if he sees me even approach a bare wall with a mounting tack or tape. This happened a few weeks ago when I wanted to hang all my photo art. Bryan grabbed the pieces from my hands and immediately went to work attaching the little “teeth” hooks to the backs so they would hang properly. I was in charge of keeping Sophie and the animals out of Bryan’s way.

Bryan and I also differ in our learning/teaching approach to hanging home décor. Meaning that Bryan has one; I don’t. The one time in our marriage where I thought one of us would walk out the door was during the infamous hanging of the Pottery Barn ledges in our first condo.

I recognized that mounting wood ledges was way beyond tacks and tape. This was early in our marriage and Bryan thought it would be “helpful” to teach me how to mount a ledge. I had to measure and use a screwdriver. This was NOT something I was even remotely interested in doing. Between my pissy attitude and Bryan’s frustration, it’s a wonder those ledges ever got hung. But eventually we mended our ways and the ledges looked beautiful in the family room (no thanks to me). Now Bryan does not assume I will help in these endeavors, which is best for both of us.

So there you have it – the nails, tacks and truth about my marriage. Even if half the art on our walls are hung with drywall screws and the other half with tacks, we still have a nicely decorated home with our personal touches all around (even if my “touches” are remnants of sticky tape and multiple tack holes).

Now THAT’S a nice hanging job (thank you, Bryan)!

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