Time to Honor the Things That Matter

I love this photo. The hands are mine, and I’m holding a pocket watch that belonged to my Grandpa Harry. I didn’t know Grandpa Harry well. He and my Grandmother lived in Connecticut and he passed away before I was a teenager.

I am a big fan Peter Walsh, the organization guru made famous by Oprah. I LOVE his philosophy of honoring things. Meaning that if you have something that is of value to you – that has special meaning – it doesn’t belong stuffed in a drawer or closet or garage. You must honor these treasures by giving them a public place in your home. This sentimentality resonates with me SO much!

Before I heard Peter’s philosophy, my Grandfather’s watch used to reside in my jewelry box. Then I realized that it is a treasure, as the watch is all I have of  my Grandfather. It deserves to be honored.  The watch is now always on display on my bookshelf and I see it every day when I enter my home office.

Bryan took the above photo for a presentation. He used the image to – literally and figuratively – illustrate the concept that the power to give one’s time resides in one’s own hands. I love the photo and plan to have it printed and enlarged so I can display it in our home. What a great way to honor both my Grandfather and Bryan’s photography.

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