Totally Random and I’m Still Here

Hi, I’m Leah of Leah’s Thoughts. Remember me? I used to blog several times a week?

Needless to say life’s been a bit crazy since I left my job and started my own venture. I miss writing my steady blog posts and conversing with all of you on a regular basis. This is probably the least structured post I’ve written. But I wanted to give you a few updates as to what I’ve been doing (since I’m clearly not blogging as much). I hope you’ll hang in as I figure out my new rhythm.

What has Leah been doing? 

WORKING and WORKING MORE. I am busier now as an entrepreneur than I ever was when I had a full-time day job. My day consists of taking Sophie to preschool, which I love because I can actually bring her to school instead of morning care. Then I’m either at home working, at my co-working space working, meeting clients, attending events to meet prospective clients, or at training events. I then pick Sophie up from school, fix dinner, and have family time. I then put Sophie to bed and work more hours until about midnight. It’s crazy. But I love it.

Learning and building my new website! I took an amazing four-day workshop where I learned how to create my own self-hosted WordPress website. I am now a huge proponent of and self-hosting.What do you think of my new business website? HUGE shout-out to my amazing graphic designer and friend, Courtney, for creating my slider images.

Reading. When I’m not working, I am reading books. Right now, I’m obsessed with finishing Room by Emma Donoghue. I cannot put it down! I read half of it in the car the other day (not while driving, mind you). Check out Bookshelf for what else I’ve read lately. I also read your blogs, but I save them up and read them over the weekend. It’s my weekend treat.

Spending time with Sophie. Sophie has ten days of preschool left until summer break. So we’ve had lots of school activities the last few weeks and the next few weeks ahead. Last weekend we had a beautiful San Diego May weekend. Sophie and I had a “chill out” day at home. We (translation: I) blew up an inflatable pool and she swam in the backyard. We had lunch outside and enjoyed the simple things in life with my crazy pets keeping us company. There’s just something about reading in the backyard with content animals around that makes me happy. By the way, here’s how the inflatable conversation went:

ME: Blowing up this inflatable pool is going to be a lot of work and take a while.

SOPHIE: Well, it’s a good thing you have a snack.

Honing my writing skills. I was chosen as a writer for the Millionaire Girls Movement. Here’s my first post that was published last week, entitled Money Does Not Grow on Trees But of Childhood Roots. It may sound familiar to some of you long-time readers. I was also fortunate to participate in the OpEd Project, which seeks to increase the range of voices and quality of ideas we hear in the media.

What have I NOT been doing?

Not blogging as much. Not reading any magazines. Not watching TV (with the exception of the House finale). Not cooking as much (shocker, I know!). Not exercising, yet not eating as much either. Not wearing make-up. Not spending as much on gas money. … Not too bad!

Thank you, my loyal readers and friends, for hanging in with me. I promise to be back with more regular posts, recipes, photos and thoughts when I get my groove together. Until then, I hope you keep reading and know that I am still reading your blogs too!

Here’s something I did recently: Met THE Jack of Jack in the Box restaurants as part of a client’s special event.

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