What Are You Reading These Days?

There are so many good books out there these days and, of course, so many of them are sitting on my nightstand. I feel like I’ve been devouring books like food lately. Which I guess is better than actually devouring food.

I recently finished the following three books that were all so good I read each of them in a matter of days.

latest booksCalling Me Home by Julie Kibler was SO good and I appreciated her original story idea. The Affair by Colette Freedman was a fascinating look at the surprisingly sympathetic three triangle perspectives of an affair. And Amy Hatvany’s Heart Like Mine left me in tears throughout the entire book. I love Amy’s books, but this one was a tearjerker. But oh so good!

I’ve been lucky to get to know Amy through Twitter book chats and Facebook. But meeting her in person on her recent book tour visit to San Diego this month was an especially nice treat!

After three intense fiction books, I’ve switched gears and am now knee-deep into My Berlin Kitchen by Luisa Weiss. I’m loving her memoir, but biographies mixed with food and recipes are always tough for me to read before bed because they make me so hungry. Her stories of growing up in Berlin are fascinating though.

Here’s what’s currently on my nightstand to be read next (Amazon cart and wish list filled with books not included).

bookshelf to readSo tell me: What’s on your nightstand to read? What are you reading now? Have you read any of these titles? What do you recommend?

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