Where is YOUR Safe Spot?

I’ve been noticing an interesting phenomenon with my cats lately. They seem to enjoy hiding out in my bathroom cabinet. I’m not sure why they enjoy this dark spot, surrounded by boxes of Sinus Rinse packets and tampons. But they seem to love it, sometimes staying for hours on end.

As I was laughing at Bipp sleeping on the shelf, Bryan commented that the cabinet seems to be the cats’ safe spot. Those words – “safe spot” – got me thinking. And once again, I found writing inspiration from the pets in this house.

We all have places we consider our safe spots, right? A sacred place that makes us feel happy; where you can always go to rest, think or achieve solitude.  A place that feels completely comfortable. A place to relax and feel truly at peace.

My safe spot is my bed. Oh, how I love my bed! It’s the epitome of comfort. A California King Tempur-Pedic mattress covered in gray-blue sheets and pillowcases. The fluffy down comforter is surrounded by a Calvin Klein Japanese flower motif. (Ever watched Sex and the City? It’s Carrie Bradshaw’s bed set. And no, I did not buy it to match Carrie.) The bed and sheets are couched within an Ikea bed frame. The bed is especially heavenly during the winter when I change the sheets to flannel.

I love my bed and feel that it’s completely mine. My restful space where I curl up with a book and relax. The ceiling fan above keeps the summer evenings cool. It’s my comfortable space where I go when I’m sad, sick or tired. I lay there and surround myself with sleep. This is the reason I despise dragging myself out of the bed in the morning (that, and the fact I’m up way too late writing these blog posts).

So what about you? Where is YOUR safe spot?

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