Wordless Wednesday: Oreo Pudding Cake

Oreo Pudding Cake

1. Prepare a chocolate cake mix of your choice and bake it according to package directions. I used Betty Crocker Devil’s Food cake mix.

2. While the cake is cooking, prepare two boxes of Oreo pudding mix.

3. When the cake is done and still warm, spread the pudding mixture on top of the cake.

4. Chill for a few hours so the pudding sets.

5. Top with crushed Oreo cookies. (I used Trader Joe’s joe-joe cookies.)

You can find many variations of this cake on Pinterest


So many of you have left such nice comments on my last few blog posts. Things have been crazy for me lately, but I do read all your messages and hope to comment back and visit all the new blogs very soon. Thank you all for your nice words and patience with me!

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