Wrapping Up and Starting Anew

I had no idea what to write for my first post of 2012. So instead of summarizing the year 2011 — or listing 2012 resolutions — I’ll share with you a few random New Years thoughts.

… Something about the new year made me want to purge everything from the home. Well, not everything. But I went through old papers, cabinets, clothes, food and the like and either tossed, shredded , or donated it. Feels good to start the new year fresh.

… I made Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls this morning. They are incredible. After you eat them, you’ll realize why you can never again buy the refrigerated pre-made cinnamon rolls. It made so many I froze an entire pan (and that was cutting the recipe in half).

… While I’m not big on making resolutions (because I feel like everyday is a new start to do something), I did set a goal to finish the children’s story I’m working on and query it. I read the first draft to Sophie yesterday. Reading it aloud was helpful; as it’s a children’s story I wanted to test the length and hear how the flow.It was quite rewarding seeing her reactions to the story. I saw her eyes change with emotion in the different scenes I described. When I finished, she had a big smile and also told me what else she (as the main character) would do. Ah yes, she’s already giving me edits.

Thanks for all your support and comments through 2011! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

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