Finding Writing Support – Online and In-Person

A few months ago I discovered She Writes, an online community full of women (and some men) writers. In just the few months I’ve been engaged in that platform, I’ve met some terrific bloggers from throughout the world … and in my own backyard!

If you’re not familiar with She Writes, be sure to visit the Web site and look at all the support and writing communities they offer. In fact, several states and cities have their own She Writes groups. That is how a group of nine of us came together this past Wednesday, June 29 to celebrate She Writes 2nd anniversary. It was so neat to meet in person the writers behind the blogs. Here’s a glimpse of some of the San Diego She Writers who came out Wednesday.

She Writers in San Diego

Shary Folkmann and Mary Handfelt

Susan McBeth, Elaine Masters, Lynn Jaussi, Kathi Diamant

Kim LePiane and Kate Defrise

Kathi Diamant, Monica Medina and Susan McBeth

We celebrated together at a local restaurant – Barrio Star – founded by Isabel Cruz, whose book was named a noteworthy cookbook by the New York Times Book Review.

We were so lucky to have local writers Kathi Diamant and Georgeanna Irvine speak to our She Writes group about how they started their own writing support community, which has been going strong for 25+ years. Kathi published her book, Kafka’s Last Love: The Mystery of Dora Diamant, as a direct result of her involvement in a writing group.

Georgeanna Irvine and Kathi Diamant

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