You Know You’re a Parent When …

You’re more excited than your kid when new episodes of Dora and Diego air.

You’re thrilled beyond belief to go two days without bodily fluids from children and animals on the carpet.

You start thinking Annie’s organic pasta is a healthy meal alternative.

You hear Eric Bana’s dreamy Aussie accent from the other room of the house and recognize it not from the brilliant films he’s made, but from his voice as Anchor the Shark in Finding Nemo.

Going out and buying new clothes means buying a new bra out of necessity.

Both you and your spouse fall asleep during The Office … at 9 p.m.

A “vacation” is a 30-minute trip to Target … BY YOURSELF!

When the only channel number you’ve memorized on your new television system is Nick Jr.

Shelling out $200 to get your carpets cleaned is the best money you’ve spent in months (years, really).

You hear yourself saying, “We’ve seen this one!” when PBS Kids re-airs the Curious George episode you watched twice last week.

You’re on Cloud 9 when you meet a celebrity — the founder of Costco. Seriously folks, I almost asked him to sign my membership card. … Okay, maybe you don’t have to be a parent for this one. Just a Costco junkie like me.

How about you? When did you know you were a parent? Tell me your stories!

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